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We source , provide and offer a wide range of  environmentally friendly Bio-engineered composite wood products  for the building industry .

Bio-engineered composite wood  or Biowood for short , is almost as close to real wood . It is wood engineered near to perfection .  Our high quality products are  alternatives to high quality timber . The products has the look and feel of genuine wood , with natural timber-like  appearances ,  with  slight visible colour tone and hue differences .  Grains , growth rings and many other visual characteristics of timber is highly visible , lending character to the products .

Unlike wood however , biowood can be  shaped  and its profiles   designed and re-engineered  to meet application-specific requirements and standards expected by the industry . With this ability to meet application specific requirements and its  wide range of advantages  over wood ,  biowood is now the preferred choice over natural and conventional  wood .

Biowood | Advantages

Some of the advantages of Biowood are as follows ;

  1. Superior strength-to-weight ratio with up  75% weight saving
  2. “click n go” fastening systems for easy installation and reduce labour costs
  3. 7 years warranty against warping ,  cracking, splitting, swelling or rotting , unlike  timber
  4. Minimum maintenance with extended useful life span
  5. Choice of colours
  6. Fire  and Water resistance
  7. Termite resistance
  8. Mould and mildew resistant
  9. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  10. Ideal for both residential and commercial application

Biowood | Wood Engineered for the building industry


Biowood | Product lines

Our biowood product lines ranges from decking , ceiling , trellislouvers , fences  , railings and wall panels  . All of the products are made easy to install and maintain , for they are sourced specifically for the DIY market . Each and every piece of the products are checked for consistent quality and finishing . Our products does not require any sanding , priming or sealing and is ideal for both indoor and out-door use

Whether your need is for commercial or residential application, do contact us for further enquiries.

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